Exist In Photos

exist in photos



We often take time for granted, don’t we?  It’s something we’re all guilty of it.  There are so many things we need or want to do, but we hold off, we procrastinate.

There are never enough hours in the day, days in the month or weeks in the year.  But yet, we still hold off on things like making photographs in the here and now.  We’re always waiting things to change.  Sometimes we don’t realise that the most important time in our lives is right now. Not last year, next year or even tomorrow.

When people are asked what they would rescue if their house was burning down, it’s never their computer.  It’s never their family china, it’s never a pair of boots, their iPhones, a collection of coins nor a blanket their grandmother made.  It’s their photographs.  Documents of their personal lives that can never be recreated.

Existing in photos is a historical legacy of what you are leaving for those who continue when you no longer exist and you will never be as youthful or as beautiful as you are right now.

But what happens if we don’t make time?

Children grow and change, parents leave us far too soon, we forget about how amazing we are ‘right now’.  If we don’t make the time to capture these seemingly endless days, or wait until we lose 20 pounds, or wait until the kids don’t have dance recitals or we aren’t rushing around for summer vacation… those opportunities are lost, along with the ability to capture them.

Exist in photos.  For you, for your loved ones.  Life is short.

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