I suppose I’ve always seen things just a little bit differently. I see bits and pieces of love and family and friendship everywhere.

A secret smile, a stolen kiss, a loving glance. Simply :: love.  In all its forms, and you know what?  It is magical.  I really believe that.

I also believe that moms should be in their family photos (rather than always taking the photos) and that children are always best photographed at play. I believe lovers look best, when looking at each other .I believe in a good café latte, holding hands, love notes, twilight fireflies, freshly baked cookies, midnight canoe paddles and old photographs.

Recorded proof of those we loved and memories shared. I believe that everyone should have a photo of themselves that they love and that captures them in the moment, the ‘now’.

A memory, a reminder, proof of life and love. But most importantly, I believe in celebrating you while we make photographs and that I can capture all of that magic that resides in you and the ones you love.


Let’s make memories.   xo

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